This Dog Posed for Adorable Maternity and Newborn Photos

When most people and photographers think about maternity photography they see an image of a beautiful mother six or 8 months pregnant posing in a very respectful way. Well I happen to love dogs also and in this article written by author Michael Zhang we can all laugh and be happy at what he has brought together for all to enjoy.

Brazilian portrait photographer Ana Paula Grillo recently shot heartwarming maternity and newborn photo shoots… for a dog named Lilica.

Grillo first photographed a viral series of maternity portraits showing Lilica on the brink of becoming a mother. To see all the doggone maternity photos please go to the original blog post on Peta Pixel’s website.

I thought the photos were adorable and well done by maternity and pet photographer Ana Paula Grillo from Brazil.

For more on maternity shots and pregnant canines go to this website!!





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